Alpha-30R Mobile Printer - Rugged Durability

Alpha-30R Mobile Printer - Rugged Durability

The Ultimate Survivor To Smooth Out Field Operations

Have you ever experience any following situation that caused downtime and assets lost?

  • Field workers are too tired to arbitrarily drop their mobile printers
  • Mobile printer accidentally falls when vehicle is moving

Despite bad things that happen in daily operations, rugged durability allows mobile printers to survive in harsh working environments that constantly pose vibration, drop, dust and water. Passed the MIL-STD-810 certification and multiple tests, Alpha-30R ruggedness comes from sophisticated design details.


Alpha-30R Mobile Printer Features


Type IP Drop Resistant MIL-STD Tumbling
Without protective case IP54 2.1 m MIL-STD-810 1.0 m
800 falls
With protective case IP54 2.1 m N/A 1.0 m
1000 falls

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