Alpha-30R Mobile Printer - Rugged Durability

Alpha-30R Mobile Printer - Rugged Durability

Made Rugged to Work Under Any Tough Conditions

Given the hustle and bustle in the daily routines of field service workers, accidents can occur when things get hectic. Fatigue from continuous shifts may cause workers to drop their mobile printers, or printers may drop from a moving vehicle by accident. 

This calls for the rugged durability of the new Alpha-30R , which provides protection even under harsh working conditions or environment. Water-resistant and dust-resistant, the new Alpha-30R passed the MIL-STD-810 certification, and underwent extensive vibration and drop tests to deliver the best results possible.


Alpha-30R Mobile Printer Features


TypeIPDrop ResistantMIL-STDTumbling
Without protective caseIP542.1 mMIL-STD-8101.0 m
800 falls
With protective caseIP542.1 mN/A1.0 m
1000 falls

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