Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing

Raise Productivity to the Next Level with Mobile Printers

Mobile printers play an integral part in the workflow of many industries, especially where quick and accurate printing on demand is required at various locations. To assess the need for a mobile printing solution, the following can be some key points to think about: 

  • How often are labels applied within an arm’s length?
  • How often do inaccurate or damaged labels cause interruption to your work?
  • Can on-the-go printing reduce the time traveling back-and-forth to a centrally-located stationary printer?


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Points to Consider Before Getting Mobile Printers

Whether printing receipts for meter readings, e-citations, mPOS, or for direct store delivery, or even labels for mark down, finished goods, shipping and receiving, mobile printers can increase efficiency for any printing on demand. Before investing in mobile printers, be sure to look at these three points:

  • Durability

    Mobile printers must be able to withstand accidental falls and drops, and be resistant to dust and water for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Ease of Use

    A printer that is easy to set up and use will accelerate workflow and boost productivity, thus bringing more value out of your operation.

  • Compatibility

    Hassle-free integration or migration is vital when installing or replacing existing devices.

Why TSC Printronix Auto ID Mobile Printers?

Rugged for Enduring Harsh Environments

In A Tumble Test
2.1 M
Drop Test


Our IP54-certified mobile printers are not only water-resistant and dust-resistant, but have also endured tough drop and vibration tests, including 800 drops in a tumble test, 2.1 meters drop test, and met the MIL-STD-810 standard for the durability to stand strong even in harsh environments.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Lightweight and compact to be carried around all day
Easy-to-read LCD/LED and/or large function buttons
Reliable and secured dual-band Wi-Fi with fast roaming
Easy media loading and support media roll up to 67 mm (2.64") OD
Easy connectivity via MFi Bluetooth® with NFC tap-to-pair
Versatile accessories to give support and increase efficiency of operation
Mobile Printer Easy to Set Up and Use


Want to learn the maximum length, and how many labels can be printed per roll? Use the Paper Roll Calculator.


Compatibility Matters

Before selecting mobile printers, it is also important to consider the aspect of compatibility. Being able to integrate with your system to increase peace of mind for your operation is also a determining factor when purchasing mobile printers. With our software, SDK and professional technical support, our mobile printer’s compatibility with your system will be enhanced through quicker integration, efficient development, faster deployment, and increased interoperability.

  • OPOS drivers for POS application
  • Compatible with CPCL, ESC-POS and major printer languages
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for developer to build a custom app

TSC Printronix Mobile Printers Family

Depending on your requirements, we offer a variety of products, including 2-inches, 3-inches and 4-inches mobile printers to suit your needs. For more information on our TDM Series and Alpha Series, please visit our website or contact your local sales representatives for more information.

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 Mobile Printer: TDM-20Mobile Printer: TDM-30Mobile Printer: Alpha-30R (Basic)Mobile Printer: Alpha-30R (Premium)Mobile Printer: Alpha-30LMobile Printer: Alpha-40LMobile Printer: Alpha-40L RFID
ModelTDM-20TDM-30Alpha-30R (Basic)Alpha-30R (Premium)Alpha-30LAlpha -40LAlpha -40L RFID*
TypeMobile ReceiptMobile ReceiptMobile Label
Print VolumeLow printing volumeHigh printing volumeHigh printing volume
Print Width2"3"3"3"3"4"4"
Media TypeSelected label, receiptSelected label, receiptLabel, receiptLabel, receiptLabel, receipt, RFID label
Max. Print Speed4 ips4 ips5 ips6 ips5 ips5 ips5 ips
Battery Capacity1130 mAh3030 mAh (Optional smart battery)3080 mAh3030 mAh
(Smart battery)
3030 mAh
(Smart battery)
6200 mAh
(Smart battery)
Media OD30 mm / 1.18"40 mm / 1.57"57 mm / 2.24"67 mm / 2.64"
Weight215 g /
0.47 lbs
375 g /
0.83 lbs
650 g /
1.43 lbs
745 g /
1.64 lbs
985 g /
2.17 lbs
1025 g /
2.26 lbs
IP ProtectionIP-42IP-54IP-54
Tumble Test500 falls from 0.5 meter800 falls from 1 meter500 falls from 1 meter
Drop Test1.8 meters2.1 meters1.8 meters
Military StandardMIL-STD-810G drop testMIL-STD-810G drop and
vibration test
MIL-STD-810G drop and
vibration test
Linerless OptionYesYesYesNo

* Mobile RFID printer available upon request.

Alpha Series Mobile Printer Intro Video

Check out our Alpha Series mobile printers to get our next generation smart mobility solutions.

Success Stories

Alpha Series Mobile Printers Facilitate Warehouse Operations at Full Throttle

Alpha Series Mobile Printers Facilitate Warehouse Operations at Full Throttle

During the pandemic, a leading e-commerce company faced surging online demand and needed to efficiently fulfill orders for faster delivery. With an average of 1.39 million orders per month, the explosion of orders brought growth and operational challenges. Discover how TSC Printronix Auto ID’s mobile printers and prompt technical support helped the e-commerce leader combat challenges.

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Small Mobile Printers Activate New Business Model for Convenience Store Chains

Small Mobile Printers Activate New Business Model for Convenience Store Chains

Lockdowns in Thailand’s capital city and other red zone provinces during the COVID-19 pandemic fueled a surge in the country’s online grocery shopping. Prior to the pandemic, online merchandizing and home delivery services were not available for convenience store chains. To save the sluggish business in brick-and-mortar stores due to pandemic, one of the world’s largest convenience stores quickly rolled out its ecommerce plan, leveraging nearly 20,000 of its stores as micro fulfillment centers for home delivery.

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