Linerless Printing Solution

Linerless Printing Solution

Elevate Efficiency with a Greener Approach

The established linerless labeling solution is gaining momentum as environmental and workplace safety regulations grow in importance. Enterprises that are facing challenges such as labor shortages, diverse label lengths, and waste management find linerless labeling increasingly favorable for efficient operations in today's business landscape.


Linerless labels lack a backing liner, reducing resource waste and carbon emissions in production for an eco-friendly and cost-efficient solution. The absence of a liner eliminates the need for extra waste disposal. Without the liner, you can achieve up to a 40% increase in label length with the same outer-diameter roll. It grants enterprises the flexibility to print labels of various lengths on the same label roll, thereby significantly enhancing operational efficiency.


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Consider This Before Adopting Linerless Labeling

Linerless labeling can contribute to sustainability, reduced costs, and enhanced operational efficiency. Here are three considerations that enterprises need to consider when transitioning to linerless.

  • Stable Print Quality

    The stickiness of linerless labels and adhesive residue can affect print quality. A well-designed printer can overcome these challenges and provide stable print quality.

  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

    Without a liner, adhesive residue may accumulate over the printing path, printhead, and cutter. A well-designed printer should be easy to clean and maintain.

  • Wide Compatibility

    Not all printers can accommodate most types of linerless labels. Consult your printer supplier to validate compatibility and ensure hassle-free printing.

Why Choose TSC Auto ID Linerless Solutions?

Designed to offer a superior user experience, our linerless printers boast numerous exceptional features to guarantee they are operational and capable of delivering the desired printing results.

Good UI/UX Design
The stickiness of linerless labels may cause printing deviations. Our unique vertical DPI function enables easy correction of print length deviations. Additional features include swiftly adjusting label content to the correct position and calibrating labels for precise cutting or tearing.
Good UI/UX Design


Great Anti-Adhesive Design
Our linerless printers are designed to reduce points of contact throughout the printing path, minimizing residue and preventing paper jams.
Great Anti-Adhesive Design


TSC Linerless Printers


Easy and Safe Maintenance
Users benefit from our linerless cutter safety design, which includes a lock sensor, upper blade protector, and lower blade auto-ejection for safer cleaning. Additionally, the easy-to-clean printer design and our linerless cleaning kit enable users to clean the printer and cutter within 5 minutes, ensuring regular, efficient maintenance.
Easy and Safe Maintenance


Wide Linerless Label Validation
We have validated major linerless label brands to ensure our printers work well with the media, greatly enhancing the compatibility of the printer and linerless labels.
Wide Linerless Label Validation


TSC Auto ID Linerless Printer Portfolio

Choose from our mobile, desktop, and industrial linerless printers tailored to your needs. Check the selection table for a quick overview, and download our Linerless Printing Solution brochure for more details. Apart from linerless printers, we offer a cleaning kit for regular maintenance. Along with tailored linerless labels available in select regions, the guarantee for optimal performance meets all your linerless labeling needs with TSC Auto ID.

Download Brochure

 Linerless Printer - Alpha-30R (Premium)Linerless Printer - Alpha-30LLinerless Printer - Alph-40LLinerless Printer - DA SeriesLinerless Printer - 4-inch DH SeriesLinerless Printer - 2-inch DH SeriesLinerless Printer - MB Series
ModelAlpha-30R (Premium)Alpha-30L*Alpha-40LDA Series*4-inch DH Series*2-inch DH Series*MB Series
Media Width3"3"4"4"4"2"4"
Resolution203 dpi203 dpi203 dpi203/ 300 dpi203/ 300 dpi203/ 300 dpi203/ 300 dpi
Max. Print Speed6 ips5 ips5 ips6 ips/ 4 ips8 ips/ 6 ips8 ips/ 6 ips12 ips/ 9 ips
Max. Media Width72mm (2.83")72mm (2.83")104mm (4.09")114mm (4.5")120mm (4.72")60mm (2.36")120mm (4.7")
User InterfaceMono LCD2.3" color LCD2.3" color LCDLEDLCDLCD/ LED3.5" color touch LCD

*The Alpha-30L series, DA series and DH series also provide printer options designed for healthcare facilities with hygienic designs.


Watch the Video

Check out our video to understand why linerless labeling is the future-proof solution!

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