Our Partnership with InterVision Global Brings You a New Level of Accuracy and Compliance with a Centralized, Real-Time Label Inspection Solution

Our Partnership with InterVision Global Brings You a New Level of Accuracy and Compliance with a Centralized, Real-Time Label Inspection Solution

In a measure to expand and strengthen our ODV-2D inline barcode verifier portfolio, we are proud to announce our partnership with InterVision Global, an expert in complex inspection solutions for industry compliance. This strategic partnership brings our customers a full-featured label print management and inspection solution called Perceptor PTXL.

The new solution leverages the Printronix Auto ID T8000 4-inch wide 300 dpi resolution industrial printer with ODV-2D barcode verification to inspect every label as it is printed and automatically overstrike poorly printed, defective, or non-compliant labels. With a centralized cloud-based MSSQL database, Perceptor PTXL enables unlimited printers installed globally to be connected to one central server.

Putting Power Back into the Manufacturer’s Hands Over the Printing Process

Created to help companies monitor and control their printing process across multiple networked systems, Preceptor PTXL provides you with a detailed batch reconciliation of your printed labels. The software thoroughly inspects user-defined fields on each label printed and captured by the Printronix Auto ID ODV-2D inline barcode verification system. This solution is ideal for highly regulated industries where user-readable print and barcode quality must meet minimum quality requirements, such as healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceutical, medical device, food and beverage, aerospace, and defense manufacturers who have to meet increasingly high industry regulations to avoid failed barcodes, expensive chargebacks,  relabeling projects, and duplicate serial numbers from being released into the supply chain.

“This solution puts control back into the manufacturer’s hands over the printing process with the ability to check for incorrectly printed and formatted data content, incorrect label size, blemishes, defects, misalignment, poor print quality, incorrect barcode height, ISO compliance, code verification, and much more,” states Mark Worlidge, Managing Director at InterVision Global.

Print Accurate, Unduplicated Labels from Locations Around the World

This is a universally compliant solution with the ability to connect printer systems on a worldwide scale. Perceptor PTXL is available in over twenty different languages and includes features such as a Template Lock function to prevent users in one location from running the same label template at the same time, therefore removing the possibility of duplicate labels being created and sent into the field.

“We are very excited to have InterVision Global leverage our ODV-2D technology to bring optical character recognition, unique serial number checking, and global label checking to our customers,” said Doug Seitz, Product Manager of Vision Systems at TSC Printronix Auto ID.

 To learn more about the Perceptor PTXL software and its compatibility with Printronix Auto ID printers, please contact your local sales representative or odv@printronixautoid.com.