TSC Auto ID Unveils Comprehensive Linerless Business Solution

TSC Auto ID Unveils Comprehensive Linerless Business Solution

Linerless labels pair business efficiencies with sustainable, green-label printing

With businesses prioritizing environmental responsibility, workplace safety, and efficiency, TSC Auto ID, a leading provider of innovative printing solutions, introduces a sustainable approach to label printing with its comprehensive linerless label solutions. The shift from traditional labels to linerless labels minimizes environmental impact and aligns seamlessly with regulatory compliance, all while significantly enhancing operational efficiency for businesses.


“TSC Auto ID offers an extensive range of linerless printing solutions, spanning from mobile and desktop to industrial printers. Our linerless printers are meticulously designed for a seamless user experience, incorporating anti-adhesive functionality to minimize contact with linerless media. Additionally, our linerless printers feature superior UI/UX design for stable print quality, wide linerless label validation for smooth compatibility, and a simplified maintenance design,” stated Michelle Hu, Leader of the Linerless Solutions Business at TSC Auto ID.


Linerless printing serves a multitude of applications across various industries. In the retail sector, from product packaging to price labeling and promotional stickers, linerless labels offer flexible lengths in the same roll to accommodate different amounts of information. Within the warehouse and logistics sector, these labels contribute to the time-efficient processing of shipping and packing labels, thanks to the absence of a liner, thereby increasing efficiency. In healthcare, an industry where accuracy and patient safety are paramount, linerless labels present a reliable solution for specimen and pharmacy labeling. This optimizes processes and minimizes human errors at the point of application.


Transitioning to linerless label printing offers numerous advantages for businesses. Firstly, it promotes sustainability by reducing carbon emissions during label production and eliminating liner waste, thus contributing to a greener environment and reinforcing workplace safety. Secondly, this shift results in significant cost savings, enabling the usage of up to 40% more labels per roll, reduced storage requirements, lighter freight loads, and the elimination of disposal handling costs. Additionally, the move to linerless enhances overall operational efficiency through quick application due to the absence of backing paper and the flexibility to print different label lengths on the same roll. This approach aligns with environmental goals and streamlines business operations.


Beyond our comprehensive linerless printer portfolio, TSC Auto ID also offers linerless labels and cleaning solutions. With the introduction of this eco-friendly linerless label solution, TSC Auto ID emphasizes its commitment to providing cutting-edge, sustainable, and efficient printing solutions for businesses worldwide.


For further information on the linerless solution, please visit the TSC Auto ID website.