TSC Printronix Auto ID Advances Product Identification and Tracking with Greater Precision

TSC Printronix Auto ID Advances Product Identification and Tracking with Greater Precision

In September, TSC Printronix Auto ID had an interview with Digitimes about RFID knowledge and application in the market, please see the news as below:

Product identification and tracking are crucial for the manufacturing industry to maintain product quality and improve production performance. The standard method adopted by manufacturers in the past was scanning barcodes or QR codes printed on products or product packaging in combination with back-end systems to perform specific tasks. The advancements made possible by RFID technology allows for the technologies to work together to complement each other on the production line, giving manufacturers greater efficiencies and advantages,”said Sam Wang, President of TSC Printronix Auto ID Technology.

Founded in 1991, TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd., one of a leader in AIDC industry, is among the world's top five enterprises for barcode, QR code, and RFID solutions, which have been extensively used in a number of different industries. According to Sam Wang, barcodes are the most mature of all product identification technologies to date and are widely applied in our day-to-day lives as well as in the manufacturing sector. They are used in convenience stores, food and beverage establishments, and on smart phone assembly lines which demand high efficiency. Thanks to the barcode and its prominent role in the operation process, the development of RFID technology over the years has provided the solution for more accurate and effective identification and tracking, creating significant value for the manufacturers.

RFID technology emerged more than a decade ago. Initially, it was estimated that when RFID technology became more affordable, it would eventually replace the barcode. However, as the technology and its capabilities have developed, there are no signs of this happening to date. Actually, the integration of RFID with barcodes is proving to be an even better solution. Sam Wang indicates barcodes, QR codes, and RFID technology store different quantities of data and complement each other in applications. Barcodes are a great option for identifying simple numbers and bytes. QR codes are optimal for storing websites on smart phones and other internet devices. While RFID with its current maximum storage capacity of 8K bytes is ideal for product tracking. Users are able to interchange and combine all three technologies to fit unique use cases and create more effective and efficient product identification and tracking systems.

For example, TSC Auto ID embeds RFID chips on electronic labels. With this integration, if users need to write and read the content of a label in detail, they only need to print the barcode on an RFID printer and write in the RFID memory. The barcode on the label can be used for simple identification and also as a backup mechanism if the internal RFID label fails. Furthering the evolution of barcode labels, TSC has also launched multiple solutions for customers looking for new-generation barcode printers and system integration. For barcode printers, TSC has recently launched integrated touch panel models which support more user-friendly control. TSC Printronix Auto ID has also formed a strategic partnership with Datalogic, a large automation company, to integrate barcode printers and industrial control PDAs in order to upgrade production line flexibility. For system integration, customized service is provided by building barcode printers into the manufacturing system so that the printing and application of barcodes becomes an integral part of the production process. There have been a number of successful cases in this field using these advancements. For example, Meukow, a French distillery, has adopted this service to enhance the operational performance of its production line.

This optimized service also highlights the unique value of TSC in the market. According to Sam Wang , the recent acceleration of Industry 4.0 has compelled the manufacturing sector to upgrade automation and smart systems. Also the diversity of modes of production in the manufacturing sector has dictated the functional requirements of production lines. Following this trend, customized systems have emerged as a vital element for manufacturers in their evolution to smart manufacturing. TSC has been deeply involved in the development of this technology for many years, with the aim of providing customized rapid services and helping customers achieve the vision of smart transformation.

With the continuous development of barcodes, RFID, and other identification technologies, TSC never ceases to utilize its skills and experience in the industry to drive further improvement and development of the technology. “Talent plays a critical role in this process,”says Sam Wang .“Recently, the company has spared no effort in launching its HR development strategy through various training programs which seek to improve the capacity for proposals, implementations, and communication skills among its employees. In addition, we have also established the TSC Printronix Academy to plan a series of professional programs aimed at strengthening strategic partnerships. In the future, TSC Printronix Auto ID will continue with internal and external training and strive for better product performance and service quality.”

Please visit more information: https://www.digitimes.com.tw/iot/article.asp?cat=130&id=0000595317_KIU4AVZS0RXI3B8ZI80YO

About TSC: 
TSC Auto ID Technology Co. Ltd. (TSC) is a global provider of quality Auto-ID solutions for transportation and logistics, manufacturing and healthcare, industry and retail, offering a diversified line of innovative and reliable products with excellent quality. TSC has 3 decades of experience dedicated to barcode and label printers, with more than 5 million installed in over 90 countries. That puts the company, headquartered in Taiwan and producing in two own factories, into the top 5 manufacturers of thermal label printers in the world. TSC is traded on the Taiwanese stock exchange.