Environmental Declaration

TSC continues to use the operating system to fully comply with the requirements of the RoHS specification and the WEEE directive in terms of manufacturing process and material management, and implements its specifications in product design and manufacturing.TSC announces self-declaration of relevant EU environmental regulations for the company's main products to effectively reduce the environmental load caused by product manufacturing. TSC replaces the exhausted energy in th factory throught the establishment of the ISO14001 system and the regular audit mechanism, and formulates energy-saving plans and strategies to commitment to sustainable environmental development.

ISO 14001

Management Policy

While pursuing performance development, TSC must pay attention to environmental protection work to comply with laws and regulations, and more actively live in harmony with neighbors and communities, and participate in local environmental protection matters. We express the virtues of diligence and thrift in our operating policy to achieve diligence, waste reduction and energy conservation. And through continuous re-examination and communication, to achieve pollution reduction and continuous improvement.

Environmental Principle

TSC actively promotes the following environmental protection principles through the establishment of the ISO14001 system:

  • Comply with Laws and Regulations:Conduct self-inspection and management in the discharge of waste gas, waste water, waste removal, and noise control to continue to comply with laws, regulations and other signed requirements.
  • Zero Disaster:Implement environmental protection promotion, make environmental protection labels, and prevent possible disasters.
  • Waste Reduction:Application of waste classification and resource recycling to reduce waste generation.
  • Pollution Avoiding:Use better pollution control technology and equipment to avoid pollution.
  • Energy Saving:Improve management methods, use high-efficiency equipment, and save energy consumption.

Certificates & Legal Information